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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thoughts from Guest Blogger, N

Today I would like to thank my friend, N, for sharing her thoughts about miscarriage. I think it's so important that we hold out our hands to each other and share our strength--the strength we've gained from encountering similar circumstances.

N emailed me and said:

"I feel that it is very important that women realize that there is no
need to minimize our experiences regarding miscarriage. That
pregnancy and loss mean different things to different people. Some may
not consider a loss at 12 weeks that substantial, whereas others, like
myself, do. I loved that little baby from the minute I saw 2 pink
lines on that pregnancy test.

I had hopes and dreams and made life plans around my baby. Not only did I lose those dreams, but I lost the dreams I had for my living son and his experiences with having a sibling.

I am a neonatal intensive care nurse, and I thought due to all the things I have witnessed in the NICU (neonatal death etc..) that I would be able to better cope
with miscarrying. I was so wrong. So really, though I have seen and helped parents that have lost babies, I never truly comprehended how deep that loss goes. You
lose years of plans and dreams as well as a baby."

Beautiful thoughts that can help all of us to remember that we are worth taking care of.

I want women to know that it doesn't matter how old or young you are, where you live, where you work, how many kids you have or don't have, you still have the same right to grieve your loss.

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